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Javelina Boy

The sleep specialist enters soundlessly. She is an angular woman, whose glasses and movements give her the appearance of a mantis. He can’t take his eyes off her.

Madcap Review - Issue 6


We pretend to be anything but cowboys. All our lives we’ve been the sons of cowboys, the outlaws, the doomed ones.

Territory - Issue III - Arizona

Nothing of Nothing

Nothing of Nothing


Little Fiction - 102



The whole subway car smells like soil. Fresh topsoil. There’s a gardeners’ convention in town. As part of a guerrilla beautification project, they’re planting flowers in the D train.

Pinball - Issue 10

Rattlesnake Girl

Rattlesnake Girl

Rattlesnake Girl plays bass in a rock n’ roll band. The feather-pluck of her low low notes rattles my bones. Her lines slink beneath the surface of shimmering guitar tides.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Sunday Stories

Monsters I've Almost Known

Monsters I've Almost Known

I wanted the puppy with the scorpion tail. Mom said no.

Entropy - Of Monsters - Inspired by Daughters of Monsters by Melissa Goodrich

Help! I Think I Pulled Something: On comics

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