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The Doorbell Rang

Or at least, I think it did. It might've been a dream. But I could hear the almost-silent reverberations resonating throughout the house, like an afterimage, except it was an aftersound.

Passages North, no. 39
Cover art by
Zach Stuef

Two fictions

You know the body of your house like your own anatomy, you have sleepwalked through the moonlit rooms naked and not stubbed a toe.

Dream Pop Journal - Issue 2
Cover art by
Sarah Lyn Rogers

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Hangman's Game

The Hangman walks to the convenience store. Here he comes now, slowly, slowly.

Big Muddy - 17.2
Cover art by Aimee Bungard

The Alchemist's Teeth

The Alchemist drinks ten bottles of soda a day. Ten bottles in big fizzy gulps.

The Pinch Fall 2017 (37.2)
First runner-up in fiction in 2017 Pinch Literary Awards

Javelina Boy

The sleep specialist enters soundlessly. She is an angular woman, whose glasses and movements give her the appearance of a mantis. He can’t take his eyes off her.

Madcap Review - Issue 6



We pretend to be anything but cowboys. All our lives we've been the sons of cowboys, the outlaws, the doomed ones.

Territory - Issue III - Arizona

Help! I Think I Pulled Something: On comics

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